I began my career in the Contact Centre industry ‘on the phones’ at Programmes Limited (now part of the Dimension Data Group) in early 1983.  Steam-driven phones, no computers, A4 call-record sheets – we were living the dream.

I spent 18 months phoning, and by one quick estimate, I reckon I spoke with around 14,850 decision-makers, not to mention countless receptionists, secretaries, and PA’s, before being promoted to Team Leader.  It was only at that point I realised how much I had learnt, about the art of phoning, and about many different industries and marketplaces.  I remember being struck by how our clients always wanted to talk with their agents and TL’s – not the campaign manager or the sales person.

The view from the Ivory Tower might look different from the shop floor

Since then, I’ve worked as an interim manager, operations consultant, and trainer for over 25 years.  I notice that some things have changed, and not for the better.  Senior managers don’t seem to be as interested in hearing direct feedback from agents and TL’s.  Many clients I meet have never worked on the phones, let alone as a contact centre TL.  They’ve come into the business as professional managers.

And if I had a pound for every time I’ve heard a senior manager say something like “We can get the TL’s to do that …” (as they load one more straw onto the camel’s back), then I’d be able to afford a Leicester City season ticket for the rest of my life.


Your TL’s are at the coal face every day; they have to listen to what your customers really think of your organisation; they’re constantly hearing excellent ideas on how to make things work better for the campaign and their employer; and they’re trying to manage and improve their team’s performance.  Apart from all that, their time is their own.

Call Centre Team Leader Training

And does this sound familiar?  On Friday Agent X is on the phones, they come in Monday morning and they’ve been promoted … with no brief, no training, and a bag-load of assumptions that “you’ll pick it up as you go along”.

We can help your TL’s with Call Centre Team Leader skills, (e.g. Delivering a Brief, Setting Goals, Giving Feedback, Performance Management, and Call Coaching)

We can also assist them to develop their Leadership Skills: strengthening their relationships with team members by recognising differing working styles, understanding their motivation and values, and building brilliant teams by developing trust.

The outcomes we aim for are:

  • Greater productivity
  • Staff and TL’s who derive greater satisfaction from their work
  • Lower attrition (with the associated cost reductions this will bring)
  • The future generation of senior managers for your organisation

If any of these ideas strike a chord with you, please do get in touch with us: call Kieron on 01536 525100.