… and how to avoid it

Putting together a slick presentation or training pack is an art-form in itself.  As delegates’ expectations rise, so do the demands on the presenter’s prep and design time.  And yet we still see examples of the dreaded ‘Death by PowerPoint’ … cluttered slides with way too much illegible information.

In an attempt to change all that, Microsoft offer new tools that will allow people to make presentations look better:

  • Morph allows users to create animations by moving objects around slides, while its Designer feature makes it easier to add photos to slides.
  • Microsoft worked with professional graphic designers to create more than 12,000 possible options with variables such as picture placement, framing and transparency.
  • To help users out, Microsoft is using machine learning so that, when a user uploads an image, Designer will analyse it and suggest design options for it.

In a recent piece on their technology pages, the BBC website reported that Swedish crowd-sourcing photo database, Pickit, teamed up with professional PowerPoint designers Eyeful Presentations to pick out the top 10 images to avoid in presentations.

They summarised with that stalwart of PowerPoint presentations: bullet points.

Images to avoid:

  • cogs
  • images of people holding hands around a globe
  • stacked pebbles
  • thumbs up
  • archery targets (with optional arrow)
  • jigsaw piece being fitted into puzzle
  • businessperson poised to run a race
  • handshakes (we plead guilty as charged)
  • rosettes
  • groups of businesspeople staring intently at a monitor (again, we plead guilty)

Help is at hand …

Time: the one thing trainers never have enough of … training development and document preparation is very time-consuming, especially when you’re also full-on delivering trainings during the day.


Random Elements can help you.  We can design material for you from scratch, or simply tidy up your existing modules.  We can include exercises, games and activities, trainer’s notes – you name it.

Whether you need an hour’s worth of material sourced, or a 4-week induction course written and designed from Day 1 to Day 20, we can help.  We can use your modules as a starting point, or we can start from a blank slide.We bring a trainer’s eye both to the material itself and how it will be presented to your delegates.

We can also produce advanced presentations for you, combining PowerPoint, Photoshop, Keynote, Prezi, music and many other effects.

Don’t just take my word for it: here’s a link to a nice testimonial from a blue-chip client who’s worked with us on this side of our business.