You may have had some experience as an interim manager yourself, or have worked alongside one.  It’s one of our favourite parts of the work we do: we have to put our money where our mouths are, and instead of simply advising clients how to get better results, to actually do the job.

We have many years’ experience of showing up ‘on the Monday morning’ and being quickly up to speed.  It’s nerve-wracking, and very exciting, and above all, we know how to achieve the desired results for our clients for a fraction of the cost of hiring a full-time new person.

You gain the benefits of having a fresh pair of eyes focusing on your issues, a person who is free from corporate politics and from “the way we’ve always done it”, and who is able to very quickly make a big difference to your organisation.

All of us at Random Elements Limited have risen up through the ranks, from adviser level, to running and directing our own contact centre-related businesses.

Many years’ experience at all levels of the UK sales and marketing industry gives our team very practical management and leadership skills, leading to common-sense solutions, and producing significant measurable improvements in results and morale.  We have worked in management and leadership, face-to-face sales, contact centres, customer service, and tech support, we have excellent interpersonal skills and we all believe passionately in the links between good people management, job satisfaction and enjoyment, and commercial success.

If you find yourselves with a management or training skills gap because of promotion, maternity leave, attrition – or a myriad of other reasons, one of our interims may well be in a position to help.  This week.

If any of these ideas strike a chord with you, please do get in touch: 01536 525100 or