Employee Engagement Programmes

Management skills

We can help you transform your relationships with your Employees and your Customers.  So much is expected of managers and team leaders these days, yet they often get little or no training or guidance on how to manage.  They frequently get promoted for being good at their original job, on the assumption that they’ll ‘pick up’ management techniques as they go along.  They will often resort to sticking to the figures, and shouting at people.  None of this works out well.

We can help your managers and supervisors learn the core management skills, and with further development into leaders: building brilliant teams, aiming high, coaching to succeed, and trusting and empowering their staff.  This is turn will lead to greater job satisfaction all round and greater productivity.  Happy and productive people will stay longer with your company.    

How can your company benefit from our Employee Engagement Programmes?

We can help your managers to:

  • Build Brilliant Teams
  • Create better relationships with their team members
  • Create better relationships with their bosses
  • Guiding their people through Change and Transition
  • Achieve greater job satisfaction for their team members and themselves
  • Achieve greater productivity through focussing the intelligence, energy and creativity of their team members
  • Productive and happy people will stay longer with your company

We can help you develop your managers to be the best they can be, who will actively drive performance and good health for your company in a quality and sustainable way. We can help them develop their sense of ambition and confidence, speaking a common leadership language and having the practical toolkit to develop themselves and their teams. We put a strong emphasis on coaching for improvement.
We help them to create brilliant teams, by developing a leadership style of challenge and support, aiming high, creating energy, and coaching people to succeed.
We aim to help Leaders to develop their team members’ creativity, problem-solving, performance, positive emotional outlook, and physical and psychological wellness.
We believe passionately in the links between good leadership, job satisfaction & enjoyment, and commercial success.

If you’d like to find out more, we’d love to talk to you. Call Kieron on 01536 525100 or email us from our Contact Page.

We usually run these training in 3 x 3-day modules, as outlined below:

Session One: Leading Myself

  • Programme Overview and Objectives
  • Our Leadership Strategy and Where You Fit in
  • My Leadership Style: Authoritarian, Consultative, Challenging, or Supportive?
  • Levels of Communication: Taking a Risk and Building Trust
  • Examining our Mindsets and Limiting Beliefs
  • Where am I on my Leadership Journey?
  • My River of Life
  • Emotional Intelligence and Leadership Style
  • Why Should Anyone Be Led by You?
  • Working Styles: Mine and My Team Members’
  • Self-perception vs How Others See Me
  • How Good Am I at Managing Myself?
  • Motivation, Management and Leadership
  • Winning Hearts and Minds
  • My Values and My Team’s Values
  • Setting Goals: Some Lessons From the Masters
  • Planning Ahead for our Next Session

Session Two: Leading Others

  • Re-Connect
  • Creating a Brilliant Team: Stretching Goals, Generating Energy, and Coaching People to Succeed
  • Learning from your Most Recent Appraisal
  • The Leadership Challenge
  • Creating Purpose with My Team
  • What Makes a Team High-Performing?
  • Learning From The Masters
  • Coaching: Theory and Practice
  • Five Core Coaching Skills
  • Examining Beliefs in Human Potential
  • How Belief Affects Performance
  • Giving and Receiving Feedback
  • Creating my Plan to Build my Brilliant Team

Session Three: Leading the Organisation

  • Re-Connect: What has Worked and What Needs to be Improved
  • What is Our Organisation’s Purpose?
  • The Contracting Triangle and The Drama Triangle
  • Who are our Stakeholders?
  • Commercial Acumen
  • Understanding our Organisation’s Financial Statements and our Income vs Costs
  • Controllable vs Uncontrollable Costs
  • Leading Change and Transition: Why Many Change Projects Fail
  • The Phases of Transition
  • What Makes a Good Change Leader?
  • Coaching my Team Through Change and Transition
  • Creating my Plan to Prepare for the Next Phase
  • What’s Around the Next Bend in My River of life?

Customer Engagement Programmes

Leadership Development Programmes

We can help your managers to develop their sense of ambition and confidence, speak a common leadership language and possess the practical toolkit to develop themselves and their teams.


These coaching conversations are very different in character and tone from a ‘typical’ 1:1 or progress meeting.  In our sessions, the coachee talks about what they want to discuss; we make no judgements.

Core Management Skills

The transition from team member to team manager is probably the most difficult change most of us will ever have to make.  “On Friday I was their mate, now on Monday I’m their manager …”

Leadership Development Workshops

Our Leadership courses are generally organised into 3 x 3-day modules.  We appreciate that not all clients want to take their managers ‘off the floor’ for that length of time.

Change Management Workshops

We appreciate that not all clients want to take their managers ‘off the floor’ for several days at a time.  We can run a series of half-day workshops according to your individual requirements.

To find out more, call us on 01536 525100 or email us from our Contact Page.