Customer Engagement Programmes

Customer Engagement Programmes

We can help you transform your relationships with your Employees and your Customers. All organisations have many touch points with their clients. Whether that’s sales, customer service, installations, tech support, collections – and via a myriad of channels – you have innumerable chances to make a great impression, or to get it badly wrong.

We can help you stack the odds in your favour, so that your customers stand a much better chance of having a very satisfying transaction with your company. We run a wide variety of call centre training programmes, tailored to fit pretty much every role in your organisation. Whatever their role, everyone needs essential customer service skills.

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With sales training your team members can consistently deliver that outstanding experience. They will learn how to create the key elements of a good relationship with every call: Trust, Empathy, Mutual Respect, Openness, Energy, Communication, and Responsiveness.

Revenue Management

We help our clients to improve their Revenue Management.  We all know that cash is the fuel without which businesses can quickly grind to a halt – literally.  

Technical Support

The cliché says that if you can buy the same product from two different companies, you’ll buy from the one where you like the people better. This applies equally to the quality of after-sales service, such as their help-desk. 

Handling Complaints

Responding to customer complaints is a skill that most of us have to learn.  Research shows that if you do a first-rate job of handling a complaint, the customer will often go away happier than they were before.  

Customer Service Excellence

Your company will be judged against the best in class.  We’ve heard more than once – “If Amazon can do it, why can’t you?” 

Train the Trainer

At the top end of the praise we get for our trainings, delegates say things like “That was the best training I’ve ever been on.”

Team Leadership Skills

Team Leaders play a pivotal role in any contact centre.  They are frequently over-worked and under-prepared for their promotion ‘from the ranks’.  

Backroom Support for Trainers

Our aim is to make life easier for trainers and training managers (and indeed anyone who has to make an important presentation) by taking some of the design and prep time and worry off your hands. 

Telephone Skills for Small Businesses

We wish we had a pound for every time a budding entrepreneur has said words to the effect of: “I hate picking up that “****ing phone!” 

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