About The Outsource Database

About The Outsource Database

The Outsource Database

Welcome to The Outsource Database, where clients and outsourcers meet. 

The Outsource Database exists to deliver intelligent outsourcing.  We plan, initiate, improve and re-structure outsourcing partnerships, acting for both vendors and buyers. 

We offer focused solutions for any organisation which is active or seeking to become active in UK and Irish outsourcing. 

The Outsource Database brings together over 30 years of experience of the UK Contact Centre industry, on both the in-house and outsourced sides of the business.  We’ve managed dozens of projects within BPO organisations, and we’ve also managed projects at BPO companies on behalf of clients.  We really have seen it all, the good, the bad and the very ugly indeed.

Our Service

The Outsource Database Limited was founded in 2005 by a group of professionals who had been working in the UK Call Centre industry since the early 1980’s.  The company grew from several client projects in which we had been asked to find potential new BPO partners for upcoming projects.  

We were initially surprised at how difficult it was to fulfil this task.  A Google search will quickly bring back hundreds of outsourcers, local and multi-national, most of whom tend to say exactly the same things: “We’re brilliant, we can do anything, we offer world-class customer service, all our clients think we’re wonderful, etc.”

The Outsource Database strives for an intelligent match between client and provider.  Providers appreciate us because we only ever come to them with well-qualified leads, and clients enjoy working with us because we take away much of the stress of finding and qualifying new partners.  We keep the client’s name confidential until they tell us it’s appropriate to reveal.  All this means that they don’t have to deal with all the sales call-backs, industry rumours, proposals, and so on.  We often find partners for them that they would never have discovered themselves – their words, not ours.  

We use our own proprietary method of assessing the bids and proposals that come in.

All Outsource Database-client relationships are the subject of mutual non-disclosure agreements and are treated in the strictest confidence.

We operate a substantial and growing source of information and statistics BPO Providers serving the UK and Irish marketplaces.

The Outsource Database Limited is registered in England (Registration Number 06666804, VAT Registration Number 936 5546 93).  The company is also registered as a Data Controller with the UK’s Information Commissioner’s Office under the UK’s Data Protection Act 1988.

To find out more, call us on 01536 525100 or email us from our Contact Page.