About Us

Who are we?

Random Elements is a team of experienced contact centre directors and managers, consultants and trainers, many of whom have been working constantly in the industry since the early 1980’s.  Over that time, we have built up an immense store of know-how and experience of all aspects of the industry, working on both the client side and with outsourcers, on inbound and outbound calls, in the UK and overseas, in sales, customer service, arrears management, tech support – the list of variables goes on forever.

Our Philosophy and Our Values

We believe passionately in the links between good people management, job satisfaction and enjoyment, and commercial success.  We recognise that clients employ us to make a difference to their bottom line.  We also believe in giving added value wherever possible, and in bringing 100% of our energy to every project and every client.

Biography of Kieron Murphy, Director of Random Elements

I’ve had a varied career, including 30 years in the customer relationship business. Before that, I was a photographer in the advertising, fashion and music industries. Some of my pictures were used on album covers, which you may even have in your collection. I also write screenplays, and one has been optioned by a Hollywood production company.

I’m putting this ‘creative stuff’ into my bio in an attempt to show that above all, I don’t focus solely on Performance. I look at Quality as well as Quantity. I focus on Autonomy and Purpose as much as on conversion rates. I do know how to produce results –whether that’s improved conversion rates, higher value sales, increased customer satisfaction scores, problems fixed faster. Or on the organisational health side – building brilliant teams, promoting autonomy, creativity, and authentic leadership.

I bring the wealth of my previous experience into my work. My greatest strength lies in getting people to work to their best ability, by encouraging their individual humanity, intelligence, and creativity. I work with the individuals to improve quality, achieve measurable results, implement lasting change, to build a winning team with a strong work ethic.

Why have I called the company Random Elements? Imagine your business as a factory and the product you’re making is essentially this: conversations between real human beings. You can programme your technology, your building, your processes. You cannot programme the people. They are the true random elements.

To continue the ‘factory’ metaphor: you expect any manufacturer to take a percentage of products off the line to test. Anything less than perfect gets sold as seconds or thrown out. So what happens to those sub-standard customer and employee interactions – the ‘seconds’ from your factory? For me, the Quality of the communication – with customers and staff alike – is what will differentiate your business from your competitors, and add to your bottom line.

If you’d like to have a look at some of my photographs, here’s the link to my site: www.kieronmurphy.com

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